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EXCLUSIVE!   Sue C's Type and Print Stationery Maker Series

Create and print online fully personalised Recipe Cards, Writing Paper, Invitations, RSVP Cards, Greeting Cards, Labels/Tags, Lists, Check Lists, Mini Check Lists, Monthly Calendars, Address Cards and Notes. Type your information online and create your own printable stationery.  Simple to use, easy to print. Subscribe for as little as $15 for access to loads more Type'n'Print cards and stationery. Try each programme FREE before you subscribe.

How to play:
Somewhere in this site an icon giving free access to a Type'n'Print programme for one week is waiting to be found.  All you have to do is find and click on the icon to send me a predefined email.  Don't alter the email subject line - it must be as I set it for the competition entry to be valid.  In the email tell me on which page you found the icon and to which Type'n'Print programme you'd like access.  If you're the first person in the month to submit a correct entry, you'll win access for one week to a Type'n'Print programme of your choice.  The icon will be moved each month.  To make it a tad more interesting, I'm not going to tell you what the icon looks like.    You'll know it the moment you find it. 

Correct Entry: 
Subject header, predefined by sending email using the link within the icon, must be correct. Page location where the icon was found must be correct. Type'n'Print programme preference must be stated. Working return email address must be provided.  Any incorrect emails sent will be deemed invalid.

Competition Rules: 
One winner per month.  First person each month to submit a correct entry  wins. Prize is limited to one Type'n'Print programme for one week. Prize winners and access information will be notified by email. Sue C's decision is final.

Good Luck!

Sue C - SJC Designs


Sue C's Motto

If you can't change your circumstances,
You must change your attitude!

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