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Disclaimer: This and all pages contained within this web site are personal in nature and as such have been created for hobby and recreational purposes only. They do not represent, nor claim to represent in any way, any artists nor their management. 

Fair Use Notice: This web site will possibly contain copyrighted material, the use of which may or may not have been specifically authorised. Further, this site is operated in accordance with the principle that not-for-profit use on the Web constitutes 'fair use' of copy-righted material . 

Please note: When purchasing personalised items from this web site - suecstationery.com - you are paying for the site owner's time and/or materials i.e. CD/postage & packing NOT for the art per se.

If you wish to use anything from this site for purposes that may raise questions regarding the definition of 'fair use', you are advised to obtain permission from the artist and/or copyright owner for such use or risk the consequences.

All images remain the property of their respective copyright holders.

Should any artist object to my using their work in my stationery, contact me - I'll remove the offending stationery immediately.


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