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  Type'n'Print 3x5 Recipe Cards 
  Type'n'Print 4x6 Recipe Cards
  Type'n'Print Stationery 
  Type'n'Print Invitations 
  Type'n'Print Invitation/RSVP Cards
  Type'n'Print Greeting Cards V1
  Type'n'Print Greeting Cards V2
  Type'n'Print Labels  
  Type'n'Print Lists
  Type'n'Print Check Lists
  Type'n'Print Mini Check Lists
  Type'n'Print Monthly CalendarV1
  Type'n'Print Monthly CalendarV2
  Type'n'Print Address Cards
  Type'n'Print Notes
  1700+ E-mail Stationery
  E-mail Stationery Database 
  Printable Shopping Lists 
  Printable To Do Lists 
  Printable Recipe Cards 
  Desktop Calendars
  Desktop Wallpaper
  400+ Multi-media Postcards
  300+ 'Post-a-Multi-Media Recipe' Cards
  Tutorials for PSP5 and PSP6
  Screen Savers
  Site Updates List
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Web Site Design and Maintenance - SJC Designs